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Emotional Quicksand: The Hidden Pain of Men

Posted on 04/10/2013

Kevin Burke LSW, Co-Founder Rachel's Vineyard Ministries Michael Addis, Ph.D., writing in Atlantic magazine reveals a life threatening problem for men. You are probably thinking; prostate cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes? Dr. Addis writes…

Updated List of External Articles

Posted on 06/19/2011

Since we first published a list of related external articles back in 2008, many of those links are now broken.  So after some cleaning up, here is the new, updated list of external articles about men and abortion.  If you know of any others,…

The Fatherhood (DIS) Connection

Posted on 10/03/2007

by Mitch Haynie My dad is an awesome guy and in so many ways a great example as a man and father. From my youngest memories my dad was always an avid hunter and fisherman. He was a firefighter by profession and if you know anything about this profession…

The Battlefield of Fatherhood

Posted on 02/07/2007

by Mitch Haynie Hidden, hurting, bound by guilt and shame, millions of men are the source of abortion's choice yet ignored in the reality of abortions tragedy. Men experiencing lost fatherhood need hope, forgiveness, healing and freedom. For too long…

Helping Men Who Have Been Hurt by Abortion

Posted on 12/09/2006

by C.T. Coyle, Ph.D. Men are often not acknowledged as having experienced a loss after abortion. This may leave them confused about their emotional reactions to abortion and make them disinclined to seek the help they need to resolve their grief. However,…

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