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Turning the Hearts of Fathers

In Luke's Gospel we hear the Old Testament prophecy of Malachi fulfilled in the mission of John the Baptist:

He will go before the Lord in the spirit and power of Elijah to turn the hearts of fathers toward their children and prepare a people fit for the Lord. - Luke 1, 10-17

As we celebrate this upcoming Father’s day men with young children will receive those priceless home-made cards and all of us will take a day to honor and celebrate our fathers - those living and those now with the Lord.

Amidst the joy of this special day some men will also be reminded that there is a child missing from their celebration…a Father’s day card that will never be written.

Men without living children may not publicly celebrate Father's Day, but they too are fathers of their unborn children lost to abortion.

From one of the hundreds of testimonies on the SNMAC website, Robert Shares:

I still feel the pain of my lost fatherhood…especially on Mother's Day and Father's Day, when all the parents stand for a blessing and my wife and I have to sit there. - Robert’s Full Testimony Here

It is in this same spirit and power of Elijah that the SNMAC announces the Turning the Hearts of Fathers Initiative to proclaim the good news of God's forgiveness and restoration for those men who suffer after abortion loss.

Will Preaching About Abortion Loss Hurt/Anger your Congregation?

As a pastor/clergy/ or minister you may fear preaching about this sensitive topic for fear of hurting or offending your people.  We invite you to consider that drawing attention to this issue around the time of Father’s day is an act of the greatest compassion...one that in time will bless your faith community.

We have learned from fathers who have abortion loss that their experience damaged them as men and fathers.

Joseph shares: Our marriage was in deep turmoil following the abortion. My wife was engaged in numerous affairs afterward. 13 years later, we divorced. Our whole family suffered greatly during these times. - Joseph's Full Testimony Here

And From Mathew's testimony:  That hidden shame and guilt caused me to go into a downward spiral of lying, cheating, pornography and addiction to alcohol. - Mathew's Testimony

You see Abortion attacks the fundamental nature of the gift men bring to the family; the defense, protection and provision of the children entrusted to their care.  Violating this fundamental law of God can later weaken men in their vocation as husband, fathers and spiritual leaders in the home and in your church.

The Good News of Healing in Christ

The good news for God's people is that with healing in Christ men are restored and renewed in their vocations as men and fathers.

David shares: The abortion healing program answered my deepest prayers and blessed and strengthened me as a husband and father. - David's Testimony

- Think of the benefit for your faith community when fathers learn how abortion impacts them and the blessing that healing this wound will bring to their lives and relationships.
- Consider the spiritual gifts that are waiting to be released for God's Kingdom when a man attends a healing program.

You may be rightly concerned about introducing this topic without sufficient healing resources in place. 

That's why we created a website AbortionForgiveness.org where a man or woman can enter their zip code and find abortion recovery information from a number of national and local groups in their area.  The heart of healing is helping Fathers to reconnect in love with their [unborn] children.  This is best accomplished by attending an abortion recovery program that safely takes you through the stages of healing this loss.
Reaching out to God's People:

Here on the Turning the Hearts of Fathers webpage you will find some practical help in reaching out to the men in your faith community who have suffered abortion loss:

- Resources to help you preach about and address this topic with sensitivity and effectiveness.

- We can help you find a man or woman in your area from the SNMAC who can visit your church and share a brief message of healing and hope.

- You'll find Announcements for your weekly bulletin.

- We have Resources: Pamphlets and Books on Abortion Recovery for your congregation.

- And finally...A Press Release Announcing Turning the Hearts of Fathers to help promote the initiative in the media

What a great blessing it will be for our families, Churches and nation when the millions of men involved in abortion decisions turn to Christ for healing and restoration.  Join us this June as we ask the Lord to Turn the Hearts of Fathers toward their unborn children.

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